the mini session prep guide

what to know about me:

I believe that in order to find beauty in people it is necessary to be deeply in love with life.

Prep process


communicate with everyone involved in the mini-session ahead of time. Make sure they feel at ease, tell them it will be a fun day at the park with a new friend, that there is no reason to be nervous. A peaceful state of mind is EVERYTHING. Being calm and happy shows in photos as much as forced poses and smiles do. Going into the session with a happy disposition will show in the photos. Life is not a production. Yes, we will aim to take serious portraits, but also, my aim is to capture people as they are.


Planning outfits

It can be cute to dress up, as a team or as a part of, or a contrast to the environment. Think about your family dynamic. What feels most genuine to you? Of course, keeping presentation in mind, but make sure everyone is comfortable. I recommend deciding on a cohesive (not matching) color pallet, that is true to who you are. This helps tell your story and have memories that feel authentic to you.


avoid stress

There are few things you can do. 1. Show up to your session with time to spare, touch ups can be done in the car as you wait, dogs can be walked prior, kids can breathe a bit and adapt to the environment before the photos are taken. 2. Make plans for after, this helps relieve any sense of pressure anyone might feel. 3. If you're worried about outfits getting dirty or wrinkled then bring an outfit change and change into your photoshoot outfits before the session starts.